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Squeezettes win third WAMI award! 

On April 19, 2015, inside Milwaukee's historic Turner Hall, the nominees and honored guests gathered for the 2015 WAMI Awards Show. They mingled, posed, gave interviews, refilled their drinks and settled in for a looongish night of performances, speeches, and special honors. Hey--it was a Sunday night, after all, and most of us musicians got day jobs, ya know? Anyways, in the end, only one (from each category) could take home the prize. And the winner is... the Squeezettes!  We'd like to thank our mums and dads, and significant others, et al.

We'd also like to toast the other nominees: Steve Meisner; Brewhaus Polka Kings; Happy Schnapps Combo; Rhythm Playboys; Bobby Danczyk and the Polish Memories.  Thanks to all'a youse for making POLKA, of all things, a competitive category in the 21st century, eh?  But you know what it's all about. Music comes from the heart and you're all doing what you love and doing it right by sharing your gift with the world.

And if you're traveling around our fine state, check out all of these bands!
Polka on, Wisconsin! Polka On!